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Sell your custom-branded recipe box on your channel.

Add a powerful income stream to your channel by selling your own ingredient boxes and meal kits directly to your fans. You provide the recipes.We handle everything else.

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Create your own ingredients box with your own branding and promote it on your channel with a simple link.

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Delight your fans

Give your subscribers the magical experience of receiving an ingredients box directly from their favorite creator. The boxes ship from our FDA-approved and licensed fulfilment center with only the branding that you provide. The boxes arrive with exactly the right ingredients needed for the fans to follow along and prepare this week's delicious dish.

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Sell your own products

With Nomaton, creators in the food industry are no longer limited to selling just spice mixes and kitchen gadgets. Offer your own custom-branded ingredients boxes to your fans and build a revenue stream that you own.

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Focus on quality

We've spent years honing our craft, building out our facility, and obtaining the necessary certifications from the FDA that we need to safely and legally deliver top-quality raw and cooked ingredients directly to households in the USA.

How it works

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Choose your recipes for this week's box

Don't worry, we won't tell. We need this info so we're prepared for your video to drop on the arranged date.

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Add your checkout link

You get a link to your personalized check out page to use anywhere for your fans to buy your recipe box.

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Get paid for every box sold

We provide a report of the number of boxes sold and payment is electronically deposited within 7 days after delivery is confirmed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I make?

That depends on the type of ingredients in the box and the pricing you choose. But in general, you'll likely make between $5-$15 per box.

Which ingredients can I choose?

Who handles delivery?

How do I know the ingredients match my standards?

How do I get paid?

Do you ship internationally?

What the heck is a Nomaton?

How soon will I get paid?

What does 'custom-branded' mean?

How much will the boxes cost?

Can I sell rabbit?

Can I add my own products in the box?

How long does delivery take?

Do you ship prepared meals?

What happens when delivery fails?

Do I have to respond to angry customers if something goes wrong?

Can I just call you on the phone?

Do you spam my fans?

Is this legit?

Can I tour your facility?

Who packs the boxes?

Curate your first recipe box

Start curating your first recipe box now

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